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Why FastTrack

In-depth industry knowledge, history and practical experience enables us to use creativity, ingenuity and aggressive solution-seeking to get to the root of your unique business challenges and to exploit opportunities for that competitive edge.


“Simply put, [FastTrack] solves problems.  With a unique combination of analytic talent, market "know how", and technical insight they bring just the right talent to bear on your problem and make you successful.” 
Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Major Infrastructure Enabler

FastTrack focuses on your unique business needs and whatever it takes to make you successful.
Many traditional consultancies have canned approaches with preformed models and protocols.  And most often they rely heavily on selling the same syndicated products to everyone. 


“…[FastTrack’s] willingness to re-look, re-tool, and re-evaluate a project on the fly allowed me to launch a study with a broad concept and collectively we focused the efforts as more was learned.   So rather than having to run one study to learn what I did not know, another one to find out what could be done, and a third to develop a plan – I was able to make a single decision to go with [FastTrack]."
Director, Market and Competitive Analysis, Tier One Carrier


“…Always ready to re-examine and adjust to changing demands, our engagements with [FastTrack] consistently yielded well thought out actionable results that directly improved business performance.”
Vice President, Marketing, Major Service Provider

Partnering to insure your challenges are met, problems solved, and opportunities exploited.
We live with you, laugh and cry with you, and get the job done. 


“…On a personal note, Susan and all of the team were always helpful, accommodating, and appreciative.  They all became our partner rather than just a paid participant.  You really got the sense that all of them enjoyed the learning and process as much as, if not more than the outcome.  Therefore, the level of intensity and engagement was simply superb.”
Senior Director, Marketing, Tier One Carrier


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